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History of Spokane North Rotary Projects with Holmes Elementary
  1. Fall of 2003 to Fall of 2018 – Back to School Supplies – at first supplies were purchased and funded by individual members; several years ago the school supplies became part of the budget
  2. 2007-2018:  Christmas Gifts for Children of Selected Families gifts funded by individual members – number of children served varied with the number of club members
  3. 2005-2006 – Dirty Hands Project – Installed Trash Cans
  4. 2006-2077 – Books to ALL Students – summer reading – Chuck, Art, Brian, Nancy and Lenore do remember putting name plate labels in over 400 books for distribution to each Holmes Student?
  5. 2007-2008 to 2018-2019 -- Began Funding Emergency Fund, Golden Hero Awards, Holmes Heroes T-shirts and continued summer books for ALL students
  6. May, 2009– Dirty Hands Project – Landscaping/ Clean Grounds of Front Entry Area – Oh my, what a task it was!!!  Steve, Chuck, and others do you remember how hard we had to work to dig through the rocks and tough soil?
  7. 2009-2010 – Funded Homes Literacy Project – summer reading packets for incoming Kindergarten children and current kindergarten and 1st grade students.  Again with Nancy leading the charge we inserted book plates into all the books which were to be sent to home during the months of June, July, and August!!!
  8. 2011 to Current – Funded the following projects/activities:School Supplies; Holmes Hero’s T-Shirts; Principal’s Emergency Fund; Golden Hero Awards; Christmas Gifts to Children of Selected Families; Some Members also serve as volunteers to mentor individual students or to assist a Holmes staff member in the classroom.