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Nectar Wine Bar--Kendall Yards
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1st & 3rd Monday–Lunch meeting at Noon at Nectar Wine Bar; 2nd Monday-Rotary Connect meet-up at 4:30pm–check website for location---changes monthly; 4th Monday–Rotary Serves–a service project-check website for details; 5th Monday-no events
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            April 12: Rotary Zoom Luncheon meeting - Spokane Hearing Oral Program of Excellence (HOPE) - Kim Schafer
            April 19:  Rotary Zoom Luncheon Meeting – Joe Bruce, speaking about his role as JPL Solar System Ambassador and NASA    
            April 30:  Rotary Project at 2nd Harvest.  Twelve slots available.
 North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
March 15, 2021
            March 26: Rotary Project at 2nd Harvest.  Six slots filled. 
            April 5: Rotary Zoom luncheon meeting.  Topic: TBA
            April 30:  Rotary Project at 2nd Harvest.  Twelve slots available.
            Welcome:  Joe Bruce, a District 5080 assistant governor, joined the Zoom meeting.  Long active with NASA activities, the names of Joe and his family are on “Percy,” the recent Mars vehicle landing. 
            Happy Buck$$: Ron Schurra and Edie celebrated their 50th anniversary.   Bill Simer gave a happy buck for Joe Bruce’s continuing service to Rotary.
Challenges remain, but ‘light’ visible
            In his quarterly report to the club, President Steve Bergman recounted the “good, impressive things” achieved in the Covid-plagued year and said “we are still in the same boat, but there is light at the end.”
            At the March 15 Zoom meeting, Steve cited the successful holiday gift campaign for needy students and their families at Holmes Elementary and the fact that “almost all of the members of the club stepped up to  make contributions” when the traditional fund  raising program was canceled.
            Treasurer Bill Simer said of the club’s financial report, “we held our own this year, thanks to our members.”
            He said charitable fund contributions, since July 1 have totaled $6995, enough to fully fund our commitments to Holmes and Ridgeview Elementary Schools and leave us with a head start on scholarship funding.
            “We can be proud of our little club,” he said.
            President-elect Lenore Romney also reported on PETS, the training sessions for new club leaders.
            That session, which usually draws over 1,000 attendees from several Rotary districts, usually held in Seattle, was done on Zoom this year.  She said the on-line programs provided flexibility during day or night sessions, but lacked the spontaneity of talking to other club leaders.  (Lenore has been to four PETS sessions.)
            Romney said the Rotary International theme for 2021-22 is “Serve to Change Lives.”  The new RI President is Shekhar Mehta, from Calcutta, India.  His message to PETS was to encourage more Rotarians to get involved in service projects, membership and Rotary clubs’ image in its communities.
            Other programs talked about building relationships, expanding Rotary’s reach in the community, enhancing club’s needs and how to adapt to keep Rotary relative, she said.
            Clubs are encouraged to develop a formal plan with goals for the new Rotary year.
            Romney said just one open board position is needed for 2021-22: vice president/president-elect.
            She said the new board, starting July 1, includes:
                   President: Lenore Romney
                   Past-President: Steve Bergman
                   Secretary: Michelle Fossum
                   Treasurer: Bill Simer
                   Membership: Steve Perry
                   International Service: Chuck Rehberg
            Assistant Gov. Joe Bruce thanked Steve Bergman for his leadership during this difficult year and said our club “is right there” on the direction Rotary is headed.
            He added: “Your projects are awesome.”
            Bergman said as the pandemic wanes he hopes the club can have at least two in-person social events during this spring or early summer…and hopefully an installation gathering.
Club editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
March 1, 2021
            March 15: Rotary Zoom lunch, topic: club update; PETS notes.
            March 26: Rotary service project: 2nd Harvest, 2-4 p.m. (all six slots filled).
            April 30: Rotary service project: 2nd Harvest, 2-4 p.m., 12 slots available.
             Welcome:  Joining the March 1 Zoom club meeting were Tracy McClain and Kevin Hagan.  Tracy, of Rathdrum, who recently moved from California, is the Philanthropy and Fundraising Officer for Christ Kitchen non-profit organization in Spokane.  Kevin is the newest lawyer at the Cooney firm, working with club President Steve Bergman.
            Happy Buck$$: Chuck Rehberg, $4 for his 75th birthday – his “4th quarter” start.  Dave Hayward, $1 for a second Covid shot with no ill effects.  Bill Simer, $1 for GU success in men’s and women’s basketball.
GU Rotaractors recall Covid year
            The Covid19 pandemic has been tough on everyone, especially on active Gonzaga University students who missed the usual raucous Kennel basketball crowds and the many other activities on campus.
            Three members of GU’s Rotaract group shared their experiences during the March 1 Zoom club meeting.  The students included Tyler Zangaglia, Nate Verboort and Justin Leach, all in their Junior year and from Sammamish, WA.  Despite the disruptions, they said the supportive GU community helped ease some of the problems.  
            Nate also had international challenges to his experience.  He was enrolled in Florence, Italy, for the semester and was on spring break in Bucharest when Italy’s Covid woes locked down travel in the country.  He was not permitted to return to the GU Florence campus as he had planned to do after his spring break travels.  He took advantage of the extra spring break time and expanded his travel where Covid had not yet emerged.  Then, he had to make other arrangements to return to the U.S.  It took months to get his personal items back to the U.S. from Florence.  Flexibility was key during Nate’s semester in Italy (well, part of a semester anyhow).   
            “It definitely made for a good life experience,” Nate said.
            Tyler said having to “hunker down” in an apartment with seven Zags was “weird, kind of like high school.”  He said, “We had so much momentum going on campus, but it came to a stop.  It couldn’t get worse.”
            Justin said as an engineering student he was able to attend about half of his scheduled classes which were mostly labs, “but only once a week due to the reduction in class size, they alternated which students would show up in-person.  At least we could go outside to walk to those classes.”
            “Hopefully, next year (fall 2021) we will have in-person classes,” he said.
            Nate said the school had a variety of Zoom alternatives to regular life, “but some freshmen never got out of their rooms.”
            The students commented explained that the traditional Thanksgiving holiday at GU stretched into two months as students finished out the fall semester remotely.  “It seemed like a summer break,” they said.  The students said if people do go outside and have problems a 10-day quarantine is imposed and the Welch dormitory is kept open to accommodate those who must be separated with symptoms.”
            While they miss the overall social interaction on campus, generally, they said, people have tried to make the best of the circumstances.  There is a genuine caring nature among GU students and their diligence in following Covid protocols.  “Everyone wants the best for everyone.  They are not selfish about things.”
The bulletin editors:
            Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
Different ages have same goal
            As noted in the March edition of Rotary magazine, World Rotaract is celebrated during March 8-14.  Rotary International President Holger Knaack focused on Rotaractors “are the focus of three presidential conferences this year,” emphasizing cross-generational alliances.”  Knaack said: “That same synergy leads Rotarians to realize that while Rotaractors may have a different culture, we all share a common vision of uniting people to take action.”
Rotary via Zoom at Noon
Apr 12, 2021
Spokane Hearing Oral Program of Excellence (HOPE) - Kim Schafer
Rotary via Zoom at Noon
Apr 19, 2021
JPL Solar System Ambassador and NASA - Joe Bruce
Service Project at 2nd Harvest
Apr 30, 2021
12 slots available


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