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2023-24: Create Hope in the World
RI President-elect R. Gordon R. McInally calls for Rotary to create hope in the world by working for peace and mental wellbeing. He urges members to engage in tough conversations and earn the trust that’s necessary to realize these values.
North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club
June 17, 2024
           June 24: Noon meeting at the Bark. Speaker: Bill Simer, President’s Quarterly Update plus a special guest and a Paul Harris award.
Happy Buck$:
         Art Rudd was $10 happy that he survived with just an injured wrist after a young female moose charged him when he was walking his dog near his Little Spokane area residence.  “I was so lucky,” Art said.
         Sheila Fritts was happy that a podcast item she posted was noticed by a reader in Africa.
         Ron Noble was $5 happy for attending five graduations in venues ranging from Lake Stevens and Bremerton to Yakima and elsewhere.  Ron also added $1 for helping, along with Sheila, the Holmes Heroes celebration at the school.
        Dave Hayward, noting the passing of former U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt, added $10 to recall his fraternity time at WSU with the congressman.  Dave said on one trip that George, “a clothes horse,” started wearing loafers with no socks, a New York City fad at the times.  Dave also chipped in $1 to celebrate the first-place winning Spokane Indians at the mid-season championship.
        Jerry Logan was $10 happy to attend the graduation of the Lumen School.  The club contributed $1,500 each for two Lumen grads. The event, Jerry said, “raises my spirits.”
       About 30 members and spouses have signed up for the club’s dinner meeting is planned July 12 at Art Rudd’s house to celebrate the last Rotary year and welcome the new officers and board members.  (Art confirmed that moose meat was not on the menu for the party.)
A fund to help ‘Our Girls’
      The Women Helping Women Fund Spokane has an encyclopedic data base of answering questions like “How are ‘Our Girls’ doing?” Or, “Why are ‘Our Girls’ and their families struggling?
      At the club’s June 17 luncheon, Katie Parsons, the Women’s Fund development director, shared the wealth of data, but agreed that finding solutions are difficult.
      The fund was started in 1992 by Mari Clack, Vickie McNeill and others “to empower Spokane area women to achieve their full potential by building a strong, diverse community of engaged and strategic givers.”
      Parsons said in those 32 years more than $7 million has been raised and more than 600 grants and scholarships have been awarded “to remove the barriers to their success and bring the community together to fund non-profit partners that can make that happen.”
      Partners include Catholic Charities, Christ Kitchen, Joya Child and Family Development, Mujeres In Action mental health services, the Northeast Youth Center, Vanessa Behan, both the YMCA and YWCA and others.
     In multi-colored graphs the Women Helping Spokane details the county-wide distribution of women and children in each neighborhood.
     It shows how the county’s younger generations are more racially and ethnically diverse than older adults.
     It also shows “tragically, that suicide was the second leading cause of death for children and youth in Spokane County in 2021.  And that year, 29 percent of girls and 12 percent of boys in grades 8, 10 and 12 said they seriously considered suicide.”
     In an area where one in five children and youth live with a single mom the household earnings were less than one-third of families with two parents.
     Poverty underlies many of the challenges to helping Our Girls succeed, Parson said.  Rents are rising fast.  Child care is more expensive, even with better financial resources.
     “Unstable housing situations” mean doubling up with family, skipping house payments and other challenges, the report said.
     The report also details Spokane’s also long-time challenges with drug abuse – worsened in recent years with fentanyl – and child abuse.
     Solutions for Our Girls are not easy, but Women Helping Women Spokane tries to make big differences by ensuring access to basic needs and services, improving access to mental health counseling, supporting programs in resilient and safe households, creating a sense of belonging and connections and building paths to communities and resources that support well-being.
    The report concludes with the challenge: “Get Involved. Fight Like a Girl.”
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink.

North Notes

Spokane-North Rotary Club

June 10, 2024
           June 17: Noon meeting at the Bark. Speaker: Katie Parsons and Geneva Johns, Women Helping Women fund.
           June 24: Noon meeting at the Bark. Speaker: Bill Simer, President’s Quarterly Update.
Happy Buck$:
         Bill Simer was happy to celebrate wife Renee’s birthday.
         Eric Johnson was $5 happy to graduate his oldest daughter from Central Washington University.
         Sheila Fritts was $4 happy to graduate her oldest son, a valedictorian.
         Karol Widner, our luncheon speaker, was happy for the beautiful weather.  
       About 25 members and spouses have signed up for the club’s dinner meeting is planned July 12 at Art Rudd’s house to celebrate the last Rotary year and welcome the new officers and board members.
 Scholars honored
       Club scholarship chairman Jerry Logan announced that two Lumen High students have been named for the Lumen Star Scholarships and one community college student has been named for the Gerald Saling Scholarship.  Each award is for $1,500.
       The Lumen winners are Payton Garza and Angelina Stevens.  Both are planning to attend EWU.  Lumen graduation is at 10a.m. June 15 at the Hemmingson Auditorium at GU.
       Spokane Community College student Prayse Olson was the top choice among nine candidates.  An alternate candidate was Payton Nachtigal, a Spokane Falls Community College student.
      Joining Logan in the selections were club members Art Rudd, Melinda Keberle, Bill Simer, Lenore Romney, Steve Bergman and Chuck Rehberg.
Holmes Science Students say THANKS!!!
  Posters from the Holmes 3rd and 5th grade science students who were recipients of the Mobius science kits which were purchased by the club for classroom use.
Visit the market, join the party
        The manager of the Fairwood Farmers Market said “it’s a party in the parking lot.”
        Karol Widner, the market’s manager for 10 years, said the market this year operates each Tuesday, 3-7 p.m., from May 14 to Oct. 8.
        She said the market “is where friends, farmers and neighbors gather” at the shopping center at 319 W. Hastings, a block west from Mead High School.
        Widner said entertainers this year have included a fiddler, a harpist, singers and even a hula hoop contest.
        She told members at the June 10 luncheon that the big market sellers include a wide assortment of breads, plus soaps, produce and beer.
        But Roger Brown, a neighbor at Fairwood Retirement Village and a visitor at the luncheon, said perhaps the hottest product is the huckleberry scones.
        Widner said special events include the “Kernel Kid’s Program” and the “Senior/WIC Program.”
        She said five shifts of volunteers of all ages help organize and stage the weekly non-profit market. 
        A large bookmobile provides reading materials and a “gleaning program,” helps add items to the Mead Food Bank, Widner said.
        She smiles when she recalls one area farmer who told her “how important the market was to him.”  And she delights when neighbors meet at the market, realizing they live nearby but had never met.
        So Widner said, “I knew this was more than a party in the parking lot.  It’s more than a party.  We have a purpose.”
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink.
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