North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
October 19, 2020
Rotary calendar:
            Nov. 2: Rotary Noon Zoom: program to be announced.
            Nov. 9: Rotary Connect: (tentatively) 4:30 p.m. at Nectar in Kendall Yards
            Happy thought: Ron Schurra said he would add a “happy buck” – if we had that program now – for his grandson, age 7, who challenged Ron that to “when you wake up every morning to say I will be happy today.”
            Another title: Past-President Melinda Keberle said she passed her real estate license and added: “Anyone looking for a house?”
            Positions still open: President Steve Bergman said the club needs to fill two board positions – President-elect and Secretary.  
            ‘Tis the season…
            Not even the Covid 19 pandemic will stop our club’s annual Holiday Gift Drive for needy Holmes Elementary students and their families.
            Lenore Romney contacted Holmes’s administrators who said “they are excited to do the Christmas gift program again.”
            Lenore will send a note to each club member to determine how many students they can support.  Members can designate what ages and gender they would like to shop for.
            In recent years the club has focused on “40 for 40” – providing gifts for 40 families with costs not to exceed $40 per student.
            E-mail responses about the number of students are due in mid-November, Lenore said.
            Given the pandemic parameters, some or much shopping might be done on-line.
FarmGirl Fit folks feel the burn
Walsh is co-founder and CEO of FarmGirl, but she prefers the title “head boss lady.”
            During the Oct. 19 club luncheon, via Zoom, a short video showed the members lifting through dumbbells and other weights and running through calisthenics burning enough energy to match anyone’s most fit routines.
            FarmGirl – co-founder Jennie actually grew up on a farm – has opened studios in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.
            The workout sessions are called “The Grind.”  Most sessions had 15 to 25 members, but had to close briefly with Covid and new rules limit each gathering to 10.  Jaunessa also opened a studio in her basement to attract online members.
            She demonstrated by engaging club members to a series of shoulder shrugs, head lifts, neck rolls and shoulder loosening techniques.   It works well for computer and Zoom fatigue.
            FarmGirl members, she said, range from the mid-20s to mid-60s.  Some clients workout up to four days a week, but Covid had curtailed some women to twice a week, she said.  Workouts usually last 45 minutes.
            She said for those who cannot go to their studios and don’t have weights at home, she suggested using whatever works, including jugs of laundry soap or kids’ toys.
            Jaunessa said that along with better fitness the exercise regimen also can add “a sense women’s empowerment.”
            As the meeting ended, Steve Bergman mentioned that, as a program speaker, Jaunessa will receive a book dedicated at Holmes Elementary.  She noted that her mom taught there.  
 The bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink