North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
June 7, 2021
            June 21: Rotary Lunch, Noon, Zoom or elsewhere if allowed.  Speaker TBA.
            July 9:  Rotary Installation Program and Social, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Sandy Fink’s house; dinner catered.  (Details to follow.)
            August 16: (Tentative) Rotary project and lunch at Holmes Elementary for resupplying storage cabinet items (pencils, pens, crayons, etc.).  
New questions with new Rotary year
            As we “zoom” (sorry!)  forward to the new Rotary 2021-22 year, several big questions arise and all members will be invited to add their thoughts.
            At the June  7 zoom noon-time gathering, President-elect Lenore Romney and five other members discussed some of the issues for the next year. Included:
            How many meetings?
                        Should the club meet weekly (except holidays) and add social gatherings and projects to the list?
                        Responses varied.  Some prefer weekly contact, in person whenever possible.  Others like the idea of semi-monthly meetings with social and project dates as part of the regular weekly calendar.
                        Noting that it is difficult to arrange speakers, especially with our smaller numbers, one suggestion was to meet weekly, but schedule speakers just twice a month.
                        Weekly gatherings provide more frequent contact and eliminate the occasional guessing about which week is another luncheon meeting.  Regular weekly sessions, it was said, also makes it easier to organize holiday gift                       drives and other Rotary projects. Another point was that it is very difficult to recruit new members via Zoom.
            What should we eat and where should we meet?
                        Hopefully, not meeting in Zoom-land, but where and what.
                       Nectar in Kendall Yards and downtown require a catered lunch program, but that means we need to guarantee 20 lunches at each meal.  Since we stopped requiring lunches, whether members were there or not, the meals                       usually are cost-losers.
                       Another is locating a room where members could select and pay as they arrive.  Some might just want a beverage; many would have something from a menu.  And perhaps the entrees could be tailored to facilitate to make our               Rotary schedule.
                       One possibility is “Bark’s,” at 905 N. Washington.  The Nectar folks have opened that restaurant and possibly we could eliminate or minimize room charges and provide free parking in a central location.
            Add your thoughts.
                       Lenore Romney and other board members welcome input on these issues and other issues for the club in the new Rotary year, which starts July 1.  Some survey questions will be distributed and all club members are asked to                participate.
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink