North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
August 17, 2020
Rotary briefs:
            Fund-raising ideas needed: With our fall wine event and dinner postponed, President Steve Bergman asks members to think of ways to supplement the money that will be lost to fund Holmes Elementary projects.  He said leaders at other Rotary Clubs in the area also are discussing ways to make up the deficits for their projects.
            Steve also said club leaders also are discussing projects, including a food drive effort, if larger crowds are again able to gather.
            Position wanted:  The club still needs a president-elect to fill out the board roster.
Supplies sorted for students
 (when they get to Holmes)
            Though most School District 81 students – including those from Holmes Elementary – will start the school year online, about a dozen of Rotary North and guests worked quickly Aug. 17 to fill the cabinets and closets with basic supplies to help students in need
            Working with masks and gloves, the club’s crew organized stacks of notebooks, piles of pens and pencils, and other assorted sundries to make quick work of the project, directed, as for several years, by the able organization skills of past-president Sandy Fink.
            Working with the Staples firm, the club bought $2,291 worth of school supplies.
            Holmes Principal Stephanie Lundberg said only about 20 Holmes students will start the school opening in person.  “Sort of a day camp,” she said.
            But whenever the rest of the expected 400 students are allowed to physically go back to school, the supplies await although the staff plans to make up packets of materials for students to use at home to support their virtual learning.  The school supply drive has become an annual event for the club.
            This year’s work group included Sandy Fink, President Steve Bergman and his daughter, Sydney, Nancy Hanson, Dave and Robin Hayward, Brian Hipperson, Steve and Bernie Perry, Ron Schurra, Bill Simon and Chuck Rehberg. 
Joining Principal Lundberg were Assistant Principal,  Ben Gildorf and Office Manager, Denise Schilling.
            Celebrating the Holmes project, Sandy also organized a great luncheon with salads and sandwiches with club members kept at appropriately social distances. 
            Here are some pictures of the group hard at work!!!
            Bulletin Editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink