North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
March 14, 2022
            March 21: Rotary lunch, Noon, at Bark – Karen Hudson, CEO of Mobius Discovery Center.
            March 28: Rotary lunch, Noon at Bark - Classification talks from Dave Petersen and Brian Hipperson.
Happy Buck$:
            Bill Simer added $5 for the GU Men’s team and $5 for the GU women’s basketball teams as the Zags danced toward the March Madness NCAA tournaments.
            John Mailliard added $1 for a most scenic road trip through central Oregon, watching mountains Adams, Washington and Jefferson and Mount Hood along the path.
            Lenore Romney added $1 for the close call overtime loss in the NCAA Division III Sweet Sixteen men’s basketball game by her Case Western Reserve University team.
Club questionnaire seeks leadership direction
            With 13 members nearly filling the Bark luncheon meeting room March 14, Club President Lenore Romney distributed a one-page survey about future club leadership.
            Lenore said that with only three months remaining in the Rotary year, assignments for the club presidency and other club duties remain.
            She urged that all other members respond to the survey as soon as possible.
            The survey seeks members willing to share planning future meeting topics, fellowship events and/or conducting some of the weekly meetings.  Members also were asked if they preferred donating funds for club projects or having and working on one or more fund-raising events.  Other funding ideas also were asked.    
            On another topic, Romney asked members if they want to work on the Saling Scholarship selection process, under the leadership of Brian Hipperson.  And, the group was polled for their interest on having a year-end dinner/social event with spouses…like we used to do. 
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink