North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
May 17, 2021
            There is no service project scheduled for May.
            June 7 -- Noon via Zoom -- Program to be Announced
            Members met via Zoom on 5/17/2021 and had some happy bucks to report…
                  Lenore was happy that her second shingles shot only resulted in a very sore arm…and did not impede her R&R time on Lake CDA this past weekend
                 The Bergmans took their camper out for the first trip of the season and enjoyed the weekend at Steamboat Rock State Park.
                 Sandy was happy to be working in her garden this past weekend.
.“Tell Us What You Are Thinking”
            President Steve led the group in a discussion of our thoughts on in-person events (meetings, fundraising) particularly when the new Rotary year begins.  Eight members were in attendance and provided feedback.  Here are some thoughts expressed:
                   The sooner the better (on meeting in-person)
                   Some expressed a greater comfort level on meeting in-person with vaccinated members; would members be willing to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status?
                   Those in attendance seemed to be on the same page that planning an in-person fundraiser for 2021 was probably not the best idea.  A more favored idea among the group was to hold a virtual raffle and obtain prize packages                    that support local restaurants and the hospitality industry.
                   Nectar downtown and Josh’s new Bark restaurant will be explored as possible venues for our regular meetings in the new Rotary year.
Members who were unable to attend today’s meeting are encouraged to share their feedback with President Steve on the topic of in-person events or any other topic related to their membership or the Club’s activities.
Bulletin thanks to Lenore Romney and Sandy Fink.