Posted by Charles Rehberg on Oct 22, 2018
North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
October 22, 2018
Rotary calendar:
            Oct. 29: No meetings scheduled on fifth Mondays. 
            Nov. 2: FUND-RAISER!! Dine Out Spokane for Kids. Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m.  Kalispel Golf & Country Club is at 2010 W. Waikiki Road (the former Spokane Country Club).  Our event has moved inside to the private room behind the bar off the main 1898 Dining room.  Enter the building through the 1898 Public House doors.  Please inform your guests of our location change.
            Nov. 5: Noon meeting at Nectar; speaker TBA -- Selection of Kids for Christmas Gifts
            Nov. 11: No meeting - Veterans Day Holiday.
            We were saddened this week to learn that Melody Farance lost her battle with lung cancer. Melody was a member of Spokane North Rotary from 2008 to 2016 when she resigned due to her illness.  She was an attorney with Stamper Rubens, P.S. and was an active member during her time with us.
            Turkey thoughts: President Lenore Romney is coordinating our club’s “Rotary Serves” monthly event – joining the hundreds of volunteers Nov. 17 for Tom’s Turkey Drive at Rosauer’s stores.  Our shifts are 8 a.m. to noon at the 29th Street store, and 9:45 a.m. to noon at the “Y” store.       There’s ONE slot left for the shift at the 29th street store!  Email Lenore if you would like that spot.
Taste time is here for needy kids
            We’re off to a great start for our fundraising effort…90 members and guests are scheduled to attend, and 60 donated wine bottles are available for sale during the Wine Grab, along with some generous donations will help provide the needed funds for this year’s projects with Holmes Elementary School.
            Under the direction of Club President Lenore Romney, the event will be at the Kalispel Golf & Country Club.  Due to concerns about the weather this time of  year, we have moved the event to a private room off the main 1898 Public House dining room (behind the bar area). 
            The wine-tasting, with antipasto appetizers start at 5:30 p.m.  The full Italian buffet dinner starts at 7 p.m.  A short program starts around 7:45 p.m., featuring comments by Holmes Principal Stephanie Lundberg, and a quick paddle-raise “call for the cause.”  The Wine Grab (cork draw) will be going on throughout the event until the last bottle is sold!  Corks are priced at $20 each and the range of average retail price for the wines is $11 to $60!  
             Electronic tickets are available through an Eventbrite site, for tickets a “donate” button for the cause.  Photos of Holmes Elementary activities and events will be displayed at the event. Music will be provided.  Suggested attire: “business casual.”
Simple tips for reds and whites
For those needing a refresher on wine tasting etiquette, here are some tips from Paul Gregutt of the Wine Enthusiast magazine:
            Sight: Examine the wine.  Look straight down, then hold it up to the light.  Give a tilt for complete color range.
            Swirl: Keep the bottle on a flat surface as you rotate the vintage.  Look for “legs” or “tears” that run down the side of the glass.
            Sniff: Sample a good look, but don’t bury your nose in the glass.
            Smell: Look for “wine flaws,” off-aromas, old musty corks and tastes “like a wet newspaper,” which he said, are “terminal.”
            Taste: Use a sip, not a swallow.  This aerates the wine and circulates it in your mouth.
            And some added tips for an occasional wine drinker and club bulletin writer:
            Spit: Only if protocol provides and designated receptacles are provided. (It’s not a baseball or softball field.)
            Non-Corks: Sniffing metal wine bottle caps is not suggested.  Nor are the plastic caps on wine cartons.
            Use glasses: Some non-purists occasionally just drink from the bottles.  This is expedient and saves washing glasses later, but probably should be limited to home kitchens, with no guests present.
            No “shot-gunning:” Limit volumes to polite sips and samples, please.  Even if you find a delicious varietal, avoid draining the entire bottle in one big swallow. 
            Final tip for Nov. 2: Have fun!!
The bulletin producers:
            Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
            Photos: Sandy Fink and Eric Johnson