Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
October 17, 2016
          On deck:  Superior Court candidates visit Oct 24. Mail ballots are due by Tuesday, Nov 8, Election Day.
3rd District candidates share background and views
Senate candidates:
          Andy Billig, (incumbent -D) was elected in 2012 and is a partial owner of the Spokane Indians Baseball Team. He earned his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University. He is a volunteer with SNAP, the YMCA and youth sports. Andy reported that the legislative accomplishments he is most proud of include the WSU medical school, reducing college tuition, expansion of early learning and the North Spokane Corridor to I90. Andy feels investing in education will assure leaders for the future. He is also passionate about increasing transparency and fairness in elections.
          James Apker (L) grew up in Montana, California and Washington. He graduated from Riverside High School, SCC and Edmonds Community College. He is owner of Hope Construction Management and Consulting as well as a carpenter and project cost estimator. He is an active volunteer with his parish and the Spokane Skills Center.  James focus is on a county unemployment rate that at 6.3% is too high. His goal is to allow citizens to be who they want to be and do what they want to do by removing obstacles that keep them from personal achievement.
House, Position 1:
          Marcus Ricelli (incumbent-D) was elect in 2012. He is project manager with CHAS, previously with NECC. He has worked for Senators Lisa Brown and Maria Cantwell. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Gonzaga and his Masters of Public Administration from University of Washington. He volunteers with Daybreak Youth Services and the YMCA.  Marcus is also a Rotarian, Club 21. His priorities include job creation, education and healthcare.  He feels having the WSU medical school in Spokane will help rural areas maintain access to health care. He serves on the transportation committee and feels completion of the North Spokane Corridor to I90 is very important to our area. He reported that every $1.00 in gas tax revenue comes back to us as $1.30 in project revenue.
          Randy McGlenn (L) is currently the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Spokane County. He has worked for over 20 years in the information technology industry and networking. He served 4 years in the military and volunteers with Hoopfest. Randy feels he would bring a fresh perspective to Olympia and be more inclusive and encompassing for all citizens. He would work both sides of the isles for the programs he feels important, namely jobs, responsible budgets and resourceful stewardship of our environment.
House, Position 2:
          Laura Carder (R) is a PCO with the local Republican party. She received her BA in Math/Computer Science from California State, Long Beach. She is a retired computer programmer. Laura volunteers with Meals on Wheels and the Fox Theatre. She is a violist with the Gonzaga Symphony and Project Joy orchestra.  Laura is passionate about health care. She believes improved individual health and a more effective health care system can be achieved through greater use of chiropractic care and better nutrition.  She would promote business friendly initiatives.
          Timm Ormsby (incumbernt –D) was unable to attend today’s meeting.
The bulletin producers:
          Bulletin editors: Nancy Hanson and Sandy Fink
          Photos: Eric Johnson
          Program coordinator: Brad Stark