Posted by Charles Rehberg on Jun 04, 2018
North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
June 4, 2018      
           June duties concluding: As we move into the last month of the RI year, President Chad Haverkamp said “lets queue up for our next Rotary year” and he urged members to support the efforts of President-elect Lenore Romney.
          The club’s installation dinner is Monday, June 25, starting at 6 p.m. at the Kalispel Country Club, the former Spokane Country Club on Waikiki Drive.  Chad will distribute lists on e-mail and with handouts to list members, spouses and other guests.  Tickets will be $25 each.
          Holmes Heroes: Chad and Coordinator Sandy Fink remind that a few club members are welcomed to join the Golden Heroes program at the elementary school year-end celebration at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 13.   Chad especially encouraged “new faces,” members who have not experienced the Holmes Heroes presentation.
 Sandy said she did an inventory of the huge pile of pens, pencils, paper, tissues and assorted sundries funded for Holmes at last fall’s delivery for the supply closet.  Every item was used except for a few notebooks.  “It’s amazing how appreciated these supplies are,” she said.  The club provided $2,000 for the annual supply.
 New NC scholar heading for U-Dub
            On June 4, the club honored the first of the Saling Scholarship winners – Ashley Sweeney of North Central.
            The first of our $1,500 scholarship winner said she will attend the University of Washington, majoring in sociology.  Indeed, Ashley is personable and sociable and warmed club members with friendly greetings.
            “I like the busy-ness of Seattle,” Ashley said.  “I’ve been in Spokane for 18 years and, not to say it’s boring, but I’ve seen everything here.”
            Scholarship coordinator Brian Hipperson, who noted that he is an NC graduate and Sandy Fink was an NC principal, also said Ashley may want to enter a flight school. 
            “I like to travel and in flight school look at the people you meet and the places you go.  I am a very social person,” she said.
            Even though Ashley wants to experience Seattle and travel wide and far, in her application, she said: “I have juggled the idea of persuing a career as a social worker, but also am very fond of coming back to my high school to be a college and career readiness counselor.”
            With a 3.8 GPA, she said “nothing is more important to me than those who are inside these walls.”
            Asked about Rotary’s Four-Way Test, Ashley said in her application that “many problems arise in the form of fairness.  One is the biggest is the battle between athletics and the arts.”  She said that as a student council member, though the arts do not bring in as much money as athletics, “we have done a great job in making them feel more included in the school.”
            Sharing duties, she played slow- and fast-softball and also worked on drama crew shows backstage.  She also was on the debate team.
            Hipperson shared a long list of volunteer activities, including Ogden Hall, the Guilds School, Vanessa Behan Crisis Center, the Yes We Can leadership program, Hoopfest and led NC’s Groovy Shoes competion.
            ASB Advisor Camellia Munoz said of Ashley: “She is one of the most kind and thoughtful students I have ever come across and truly understands the goals behind being a leader.”
            Hipperson also noted that Ashley was the first in her family to attend college.  Her mom and uncle attended the luncheon.
            On June 11, the club will honor the other two scholars, Britnee Akau of Rogers, and Michael Kamau of Shadle Park.  The scholarships are named for the late Jerry Saling a longtime club member who was a State Senator from Spokane and a president of Spokane Falls Community College.        
The bulletin producers:
          Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
          Photos: Sandy Fink and Eric Johnson
          Program coordinator: Brad Stark