Posted on Aug 30, 2018
North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
August 30, 2018        
            Our upcoming schedule:  Sept. 3, no meeting (Labor Day);
                                                            Sept.10, Rotary Connects, 4:30 p.m. at Nectar Beer & Wine in Kendall Yards
                                                                                                         (1331 W. Summit Parkway);
                                                            Sept.17, noon luncheon meeting at Nectar in Kendall Yards.
            Fore!: Dave Hayward will coordinate organizing a club team for the Deer Park Rotary Club
                                                                                                         on Saturday, Sept. 22.
“A Great Team Effort, Rotary Serves at Holmes”
Twelve Rotarians plus a couple of guests joined together at Holmes at noon and organized and stored the $2000 worth of school supplies which we purchased for Holmes for this school year.  Folk participating included:  Chuck Rehberg, Lenore Romney and her Mom, Ron Noble and his wife, Chad Haverkamp, BIll Simer, Steve Boharski, Brian Hipperson, John Malliard, Nancy Hanson, Steve Bergman, Art Rudd, and Sandy Fink.  We also were joined by a prospective member,  Marianne Nemeth.
Storing Supplies
Here are all the supplies which we purchased and stored!!!