Spokane North Notes
A weekly bulletin of the Spokane-North Rotary Club
March 28, 2016
Editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
Program Coordinator: Brad Stark
Picture:  Sandy Fink
            Harris heroes:  President Lenore Romney presented Paul Harris Fellow awards to President-elect Nancy Hanson, board member John Mailliard and longtime member Dave Hayward.  The Harris awards honor at least $1,000 in contributions to the Rotary International Foundation.  Dave’s award had three sapphires, denoting up to $5,000 in Rotary International contributions.  John’s award had five sapphires, denoting up to $7,000 in RI contributions. Congratulations, all!
            Fund drive gaining speed: Coordinators Jodi Harland and Robbie Jackson said $5,740 has been donated or pledged to date for the club’s annual fund drive for projects aiding disadvantaged youth, especially in the West Central area.  Four club teams huddled, as they do biweekly, to continue planning efforts toward the club goal of $25,000.  Longtime member Bill Simer has agreed to emcee the Mexican-themed fund-raising event in June.
3Q progress noted on reaching club goals
            The club made significant progress on its mission and goals in the third quarter of the Rotary year, President Lenore Romney said at the March 28 luncheon.
            Toward fulfilling the club’s mission of “serving disadvantaged youth in our community and internationally,” Romney noted these achievements:
  • The club, with co-sponsor Winston-Cashatt law firm, hosted a Mobius Science Center night at Holmes Elementary in February.
  • Glover Middle School and North Central High School are busy recruiting four-person Hoopfest teams, sponsored by our club.Glover is emphasizing co-ed participation and NC, which already has two teams selected, is trying to assemble a team of disabled students.
  • In trying to leverage club investments, Chris Lynch is completing work on a matching-grant application to get more money for projects at Holmes.Deadline for filing is April 11; the money would be spent in the next Rotary year, which begins July 1.
Also in Romney’s 3Q report to the club:
           Consideration has been given to becoming a “liaison club” with downtown Club 21’s “Partners for Work” program, using disabled persons as greeters and helping them find employment in the community.  For example, Marie Louise Komboukos, who is hearing-impaired, has been a volunteer at SpokAnimal and seeks employment working with animals.
           Thanks to Lynch’s efforts, the Club is sponsoring an NC student in the Rotary exchange program to Spain.
            Rather than a Rotary pen for presenting her program, Romney received a melting snowball in a mug, symbolizing the waning days in the last quarter of her presidency.  Doug Toone brought the snow -- part of the six-inch spring storm on Mount Spokane – on his pickup truck and Steve Boharski made the snowball.
All board positions filled!
          Applause greeted the announcement that Chad Haverkamp will serve as president-elect for the 2016-17 Rotary year.  Thus the lineup of officers and directors will be:
            Nancy Hansen, president;
            Chad Haverkamp, president-elect and vice president;
            Melinda Keberle, secretary;
            Jon Heideman, treasurer;
            Brad Stark, director/programs;
            John Mailliard, director/club operations; and
            Chuck Rehberg, director/international.
           Also, a bookkeeper – Michelle Lilly – has been hired to help tally and administer routine club expenses, easing the treasurer’s role.
           Hansen said with declining membership in recent years, the club has in essence created “committees of one” in some areas.  Instead of having club members serve in the role of finding members to fill duties such as “welcome table” duties, invocations, songs and sergeants-at-arms, the Board will prepare a year-long schedule and assign members to these duties.  In scheduling, the Board will consider schedule members around date conflicts.  Snow birds are asked to send their date conflicts to Nancy.  Members will be responsible for finding a sub if a conflict arises with a scheduled duty. 
            “We’re just trying to keep things simple, Hansen said