Posted by Charles Rehberg on May 14, 2018
North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
May 14, 2018    
          Stick-to-itiveness: Coordinator Sandy Fink is gathering volunteers at 3 p.m., Wednesday (May 16) at Holmes Elementary for a labeling session.  Hundreds of books have been bought for younger Holmes students and we need to insert into each book a Rotary Club label sticker which says “Read to Grow. Grow to Read.”  Last year 750 books were bought.
          Holmes, cont.: One or a few other club members are invited to join the Golden Heroes program at the elementary school year-end celebration at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 13.  Sandy Fink is the club contact.
           On the mend: Club member Dave Petersen is recovering from knee surgery.
Heart beats monitor stress and coherence
            So how is your “emotional intelligence” these days?
            As Rae Wilson, CEO and Founder of P4 Training Solutions, says your “emotional intelligence affects performance, energy level and communications.”  Online sources said the “4P” refers to “Prioritizing People by Delivering Pure Service and Professionalism.
            Her goal, she tells clients, is to reduce high stress levels and “chaos” and get back to normal heart rhythms and get back to “coherence.”
            Wilson spoke at the May 14 meeting, following an appearance at the club a few years ago.
            Quoting a Harvard Business Review article, Wilson said, “Emotional intelligence is the key to professional success.”
            She said that after 25 years in corporate life – in the gaming industry – she reached to second in command in a male dominant business.  “I had to work harder to climb the corporate ladder,” she said.
            Her scientific–based methodology charts people’s emotions and heart rhythms and how that affects performance.  “If a husband and wife argue,” she said, “it often takes two hours to get back to normal after a heart beat raises 30 beats a minute.”
            With recurring episodes of stress at work, she said, “You may feel like you are exhausted, even if you have just been at your desk all day.”
            Wilson talked about first responders, such as police dealing with domestic violence, as particular problematic.  “The key is getting back to coherence,” she said.
            “The heart,” she said, “is a magnetic field which acts as a carrier wave.  You can just feel the tension.”
            She describes a “sympathetic” time which speeds the heart, and a “para-sympathetic” time.  “That slows us down; it feels like you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.”
            Wilson also said in communications just 7 percent is the impact of words, and 23 percent is body language and tone, so 70 percent of communication is energetic.
            She said people who can quickly move from chaotic to coherent “feel improved health, communications and relationships.”  The good energy waves also translate into better team performance, she said.    
The bulletin producers:
          Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
          Photos: Sandy Fink and Eric Johnson
          Program coordinator: Brad Stark