North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
July 11, 2016
          Congrats to “Team 1” for winning – by just $100 – the “basket” competition for the club’s fund drive.  Team 1 members were Steve Boharski, Brad Stark, Jodi Harland, John Maillard, Michelle Fossum and Bruce Ellwein.  Congrats to all club members who helped raise more than $25,000 (gross total) for needy kids in West Central and North Spokane.
          Happy new Rotary year 2016-17.  Following on the heels of a very successful Rotary year, the new year, which began July 1, promises good food, great programs and many chances to demonstrate “Service above Self.”
          Save the date: The Rotary District 5080 governor, Kees van der Pol, of Nakusp, British Columbia, will visit the club Aug. 22.  Plan to attend and please bring a friend to the luncheon.
Why Rotary? – What’s your answer?
         “I am Nancy.  And I am your president for the coming Rotary year.”
          That was Nancy Hanson’s quick inaugural moment at the July 11 luncheon.  “And I approve of that message,” was the quick response of now past-president Lenore Romney.
          “My mission,” said President Hanson, “is nothing earth-shattering.  We want to continue what Lenore has started.”
          “We want to make our board reflective of our club’s size,” she said, adding, “We are not a board of committee chairs, but a board to get the job done.”
          Hanson said, “Our theme is ‘why Rotary?’  Of all the things we could do why do we pick Rotary?  Can you articulate why you are a Rotarian?  What is your mission statement?  Why do you give your time, your talent and your money to Rotary?”
          She added: “If someone asks why are you a Rotarian, what do you say?  What is your elevator speech?”
          “The answer,” Nancy said, “is ever-changing and dynamic.  Is the reason I joined Rotary the same reason why I have stayed?”
          She added: “We are the best billboards, the best newspaper ads for Rotary.  Wear your (Rotary) pin – it’s a huge conversation starter.  If it’s lost, I’ll buy you one.”
          Hanson promised quarterly reports, including financials, and, “like Bruce (Ellwein) did (as president), a focus on the bigger picture of what Rotary International is doing.”
          She outlined board and member responsibilities.  “If you see a need in this club, fill it.  If someone has a need for help and asks you, say yes.”
          Hanson concluded: “The more needs we can fill, the stronger we will be.”
The bulletin producers:
        Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink
          Photos: Sandy Fink
          Program coordinator: Brad Stark