North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
July 19, 2021
July 26: Lunch, noon at Bark, a Rescue Pub (905 N. Washington).  Gerald Saling scholarship winner Kayla D. Pham from Rogers High.  Please email your lunch order to Lenore by Noon on Sunday 7/25.
August 2:  Lunch, noon at Bark.  Speaker, Leslie Woodfill – Executive Director of the American Childhood Cancer Organization of the Inland NW.
August 9:  Lunch, noon at Bark.  No scheduled speaker; member fellowship.
August 16: Field trip - 11:45 a.m.  Rotary project and lunch at Holmes Elementary (2600W. Sharp Ave., Spokane, 99201) for school supplies restocking; pizza lunch follows.
August 23: Lunch, noon at Bark. Speaker, Chris Cargill, Washington Policy Center.
August 30: Lunch, noon at Bark.  Member classification talks and fellowship.
Table talk:
            Success! Sandy Fink, coordinating the Holmes school supply project, said our longtime friend at Staples, Richard Cumor, was able to fill our supplies order within the Club’s budget!   
            Sandy said Richard has helped in various ways, including driving his own rig to deliver our supplies to Holmes. 
            Earlier, Sandy said some of the items in our order would cost as much as 50 percent more than last year, but with Richard’s help in switching a few brand items and Staples defining us as a “bulk user,” he was able to satisfy our order within our budget – YAY!
            More success: The July 19 lunch drew 17 people, including 15 members and two guests.  Steve Bergman’s guest, Colin Prestesater, who visited our Club for a second time, expressed his desire to join our club.  WELCOME COLIN!
            Good idea.  Ron Noble suggested that luncheons without designated speakers be used for classification talks about members.  That was done at various times over the years, with generally good success.  The Club will put that suggestion into action right away with our first set of classification talks being scheduled on August 30th!
            Thought for food (and wine). Should the club continue trying to stage annual fund-raisers, or seek member donations and perhaps other avenues for funding to support Holmes’ projects and other goals?  Art Rudd suggested keeping fundraising simple given our limited human resources by asking members for donations to the Charitable Fund.  President Lenore Romney welcomes thoughts from members as the Board will soon need to make a decision on how to fund this year’s budget. 
 Happy Buck$:
            President Lenore Romney added $20 for Happy Bucks during Covid’s Zoom meetings.
            Steve Boharski was happy that daughter Emma is on her way to Carroll College.
            Bill Simer is happy that international travel has opened and his first destination is the south of England.  “It feels good,” Bill said.  
            Ron Schurra was grandfatherly happy for a pleasant outing with his 8-year-old.
            Ron Noble is happy that he has retired from some of his longtime work after a career that began in 1965.
            Melinda Keberle and son Landen toured baseball stadiums in Pittsburg and Cleveland, adding to their quest to visit all of the major league venues.  They now have visited more than 20 sites.
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink