Spokane North Notes
A weekly bulletin of the Spokane-North Rotary Club
June 13, 2016
Editors: Eric Johnson and Sandy Fink
Photo: Eric Johnson
Program Coordinator: Brad Stark
          Board Meeting:  Lenore reminded current and incoming board of director members that there would be a meeting this week, June 16th at her office.       
         Installation Banquet:  President Lenore reminded members of the Installation Dinner to be held on Tuesday, June 28th at the Kalispel Golf and Country Club.  If you have not yet signed up to attend, please send your name and the number of guests coming with you to Lenore as soon as possible.
LunchboxLLC – Securing your Website
          Ash Boodel with Lunchbox LLC marketing company:
          Lunchbox LLC specializes in customer relation management specialist, content management and Business process analysis for companies to help realize efficiencies. 
          Ash recommends using Google Chrome web browser to increase your browsing security.  
          You can see if your on a secure site by the green lock that appears by your URL and the pre-fix https://.
          Very important to manage your digital assets i.e. keeping your website current so other companies don’t take your website and advertise a competing product. 
          Credit card fraud is rampant and a very lucrative business for those who can tap into your browsers security flaws. 
          The industry responded by launching companies that will test your “environment” for security flaws and determine if you are PCI compliant. 
          Two ways that this happens is by Cross Site Scripting: malicious code embedded in links to fictitious websites. 
          The second is Injection Code in which the code runs and strips the saved information out of the site including names, passwords and credit card info. 
          Phishing emails are popular too, asking you to “Click here” to update your information or confirm your account. 
          Banks will NEVER send you these emails nor with Paypal or other providers that provide financial services. 
         They WILL redirect you to their website to logon without a link embedded in the email.
         Many open source websites are great resources for an easy free website however Wordpress, Jumla and others are the most hacked websites. 
         If you do run these websites make sure you are running the most recent version updates for the open source code. 
         Another main source of issue is when business owners don’t know who they registered their website with or who hosts the information on your website. 
        Go Daddy is the most popular registrar and they also host websites. 
        It is important to know this information because if your site gets hacked you can solve many problems with the help of the registrar and/or hosting company.
        Another consideration is your website compatibility with different web browsers. 
        If you are having someone build a site for you it is good to ask what browsers they are compatible with and how many versions back. 
        If you have a website use an analytics program (Google Analytics or similar) to determine the compatibility of your current site. 
        “Responsive design” is critical for your website to display properly on different devices and screen sizes. 
         The RD function can affect your rankings in search engines too.
         Bottom line is to be aware of your digital assets, who your website is registered with and who hosts it, to avoid costly rebranding of your website driving business away from you.