North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
Special Edition
August 23, 2021
Aug. 30: Rotary lunch, noon. Classification talks: “The Ron (Noble) and Ron (Schurra) show.  Please send your lunch order to Lenore by 5pm on Sunday; Bark’s menu is posted on our Club website under “Links” on the right hand side of the homepage.
Sept. 6: Labor Day: No meeting
Hi Everyone,
Just needed to share how things currently look at Holmes Elementary School and the storage of the school supplies which the club purchased.
First, thanks to Brian Hipperson, Ron Schurra, Steve Perry, and Dave Hayward who came to Holmes last Monday to unload the supplies from Staples.  We also had the help of the new Holmes Principal, Kale Colyar, and two of his administrative assistants!
Many thanks to Robin and Dave Hayward who came today to help me complete the final storage tasks.  The room is small and the three of us barely fit into the space but after a couple of hours of work here are the results of the efforts we have made to help make the learning process at Holmes better for teachers and students!!!
We thought that things looked good and very colorful:):):)!!!    
Many thanks for all the club support for this project and next year we will hope that a lot of you can be involved and we can all enjoy pizza together!!   Sandy