Posted by Charles Rehberg on Jan 08, 2018
North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
January 8, 2018
            Save the dates: No luncheon meeting Monday, Jan. 15, on the Martin Luther King Holiday.
            The club will meet Monday, Jan. 22 at Nectar.
            The first social club meeting of the year is Portland vs. Gonzaga Women, at 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan 25.  Spouses and other guests are welcome.  Director Brad Stark is checking to see if a pre-tip off gathering with appetizers can be organized.
All women at 40 asked to be ‘in the pink’
             Deb Barnes’ total mantra is “think pink.”
             Barnes is CEO and President of “Every Woman Can” and her target is trying to reduce the number of breast cancer cases.  Since breast cancer affects one in eight women, the challenge is daunting.  Nationally, victims of breast cancer die on average every 74 seconds, she said.
            The disease, Thomas said at the Jan. 8 luncheon, is an equal-opportunity affliction for all ethnic races and all sizes.  The only requirements, she said, is “being a woman and being 40 years old.” Some men also get breast cancer.
            Breast cancer is not preventable, but diet and scans can reduce the consequences, she said.
            One of the main antidotes is awareness, Thomas said.  With early detection of breast cancer, usually with 3-D mammograms, “Stage One is almost curable,” she said.  If the cancer has metastasized, survivor rates are much lower.
              Awareness tools include an assortment of pinks, including wrist-bands, pens, literature and shirts. The 2nd Annual Pink Ribbon Run is April 29.  Participants can run or walk distances of one mile to 5K sites.
            Every Woman Can is organized in 20 eastern Washington counties.  The walks and runs are in their 15th year with successor organizations.  Thomas said 100 volunteers are needed for the Ribbon Run.
            Inland Imaging was a quick partner for the Every Woman Can organization and the Ribbon Run has a long list of sponsors.
            When Thomas asked how many at the luncheon now family members or someone else close to them who has had breast cancer, most hands rose.  Thomas shared some heroic stories about victims and families, suggesting that to combat breast cancer “every woman and man” can help.
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