North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
May 2, 2022
            May 9: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Topic: Classification talks: Steve Bergman and Dave Hayward.
            May 16: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Topic: Steve Boharski’s Galapagos Island visit.
            May 23, Rotary lunch, Noon at Bark.  Topic:  Service Project: Hand-written notes of thanks to each Holmes staff member.
Happy Buck$:
            Michelle Fossum enjoyed her trip to the Baltimore area to see her son in the military.  She saw the historic Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine and other sights.
            Steve Bergman celebrated his daughter’s senior prom, her third-degree taekwondo black belt and her second place in the Civics Bowl, as she represented North Central.
            Bill Simer was happy his four-day hospitalization ended last Saturday, in time to walk a virtual Bloomsday route Sunday on part of the Centennial Trail.
            Correcting a previous note, Ron Noble has been in Rotary for 47 years and he and his wife, Melody, have been married 27 years.  Co-editor Chuck Rehberg paid the happy-buck for the error.
            Chuck Rehberg was very happy with help during the Paul McCartney concert.  Angie, a worker at the mini-donut stand shared a stool from the concessionaire, then found a wheelchair and got Guest Services to find a handicapped space just 11 rows above the stage for Chuck’s wife.
            Steve Perry was happy to celebrate the “Funny Girl” production with his wife.
            Really, no place like Holmes:
             Sandy Fink, longtime liaison from the Spokane-North Rotary Club to Holmes Elementary School, said that she plans a meeting in late May with Principal Kale to discuss a schedule for club projects for next Rotary year with thoughts about any new projects he might have in mind, She indicated that funds to purchase about 500 T-shirts, especially small and medium sizes, had been requested from the Charitable Fund and that the Golden Hero awards will be celebrated this spring.  In summary, all the projects which we committed to for this RotaryYear have now been completed.
            She thanked members “for all your help” during the various Holmes projects.
            President Lenore Romney thanked Sandy for all her work with Holmes on behalf of the club and also asked if anything else should be done, instead of, or in place of using books to the Holmes library as tokens for club speakers.
            Club funding grows:
            Treasurer Bill Simer said club member donations have reached $11,000 toward the $15,000 fund-raising goal for the Rotary year.  He said another $735 will be added from various members who had contributed to meal money not claimed at events and lunches.  The Rotary year ends June 30.
            Romney said “it would be an enormous task to net that total amount” through fund-raising events because “the event would have to raise much more in gross amount to net the club’s goal.”  She said several clubs have had tough times raising money during the events.
            Foundation follow-ups:
            Treasurer Bill Simer and long-time Paul Harris fund contributor John Mailliard are working to update the club’s Rotary Foundation records.
            Club members donate $25 each quarter from their bills to support the RI Foundation.  When the individual contributions total $1,000 a Paul Harris pin is awarded.  Mailliard, who has personally funded a Harris award annually for years, has reached a rare elite level of RI Foundation status – he is a member of the Paul Harris Society.  
            Slate for 2022-2023 Board -- One More Open Spot Needed
            President Lenore Romney said only one position – president-elect/vice president – still remains to be proposed for the club’s 2022-23 Rotary list of directors and board members.
            The quad-chair presidency nominees would be filled by Steve Bergman, Michelle Fossum, Melinda Keberle and Steve Boharski.
            Lenore Romney would be Past-president and Treasurer.  New Secretary would be Nancy Hanson.
            Director candidates would be Chuck Rehberg, Bill Simer, Ron Noble (at-large), and Colin Prestesater.
             This Bulletin will serve as the official publishing of the 2022/2023 Officers and Directors.  Voting on the Officers and Directors will be done orally at the May 16th meeting.
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink