North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
April 25, 2022
            May 2: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Topic: Fellowship.
May 9: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Topic: Classification talks from Steve Bergman and Dave Hayward
            May 16: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Topic: Steve Boharski’s Galapagos Trip
Happy Buck$:
            John Mailliard tossed in his $5 ticket drawing winnings to celebrate time with his granddaughter and for his son’s new job.
            Bill Simer added $2, one for enjoying a Steinbeck “Traveling with Charlie” audiobook and one – “not so happy buck” – in honor of road track colleague Jim Bushnell who died in an on-track incident at the Pacific Raceways near Kent, Wash..
            Ron Noble was happy to celebrate 27 years with Rotary.
Club adds to Ukraine relief effort
            The club board and directors on April 20 unanimously approved a motion to donate $500 to the International Red Cross for help with those suffering in the war in the Ukraine.
            Club international director Chuck Rehberg reported that Club 21’s Rotary International committee had approved $4,000 for that fund, and continuing discussion there agreed to add an additional $2,000 to the fund.
Team effort makes our club better
            A major theme of the club’s member’s survey in March is teamwork.
            At the April 25 luncheon, Club President Lenore Romney said 14 of the 19 members responded to the survey.
            Five members said “yes” to working on programs through the next Rotary year, which starts July 1. She said the five will work as a committee to select and recruit meeting speakers and possible field trips.
            Nine members agreed to work on the fellowship committee.  Romney said “run with it.  We will only need the board to weigh in if events need funding.”  She added: “Some real creativity can happen here, and Fellowship is the number one reason cited why people join, or stay, in Rotary.  That dates back to days of Paul Harris and his buddies.  We want people to get to know each other better.”
Members Attending Monday's Meeting                                                                                                                       
            Twelve members agreed to lead meetings during the year, including a half dozen who have been club presidents.
            Every survey member who responded and are returning agreed to work on hands-on projects throughout the year.
            Five members agreed to work on fund-raising efforts.  Nine members preferred member contributions.  Several others suggested sales, event funding or other ideas.  More specific discussion on funding is planned later.
            As to board positions, the next Rotary year will be shared in four quarters.
            Director Steve Bergman will start as president from July through September.  Current Secretary Michelle Fossum will be president October through December.  Melinda Keberle will be president from January through March and Steve Boharski will be president from April through June.
            “It’s a creative solution.  We want to stay as a club, but we need to have a president,” said Romney, who will stay on the board as past president and new treasurer.
            Directors for next year include Bill Simer, who will work on Rotary Foundation, Chuck Rehberg, international service, and Colin Prestesater.  Ron Noble agreed to serve as a Director-at-Large.  John Mailliard, who has extensive experience with Rotary Foundation, agreed to assist Bill Simer.
            The only open position remaining is club secretary.  Message Lenore if you would like to volunteer for the club secretary position.
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink