Posted by Charles Rehberg
North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
April 3, 2022
            April 11: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark. Topic: Kathleen Smith, Mental Health Therapist Supervisor for School District 81.
            April 18: Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Topic: Melissa Pettey, Lumen School.
Happy Buck$:
            All members attending tossed in $1 each to discuss club history and NCAA hoops
A variety of topics for lunch
           Ten members and one guest joined a lively discussion on a variety of items at the April 3 luncheon meeting.
            It was good to see Art Rudd at the lunch after a time away.  Art said that after meetings for 53 years, he was ready for a short hiatus.  Art joined in 1969 and is the longest-tenured member of the club.
            Sgt.-at-arms for the day Dave Hayward followed that tenure theme by asking who was the first president of the club?  It was James Harrison, president in 1954-55.  The first female member? Bobbi Johnson of Goodwill Industries.  And the first female president?  Attorney Connie Stamper, in 1993-94.
            Local lunch topics included the challenges of negotiating the many street and road projects clogging the Spokane area – and that was before 60 mile-per-hour winds that afternoon knocked down trees to create more problems throughout the area.
            Global topics were dominated by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.  Among those issues: the misfired tank attack strategies, the assortment of weapons used, the personal atrocities and go daily barrage of media reports which provide this war a never-ending ordeal.
            Good discussions and good people to communicate with.
            Best line of the session: When a dog sounded loudly at the Bark lunch, one asked “who ordered the hot dog?”  To which Dave Pedersen added: “It must have been a wiener dog.”       
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink