North Notes
November 22, 2021
Nov. 29:  Rotary lunch, Noon at the Bark.  Classification talks: Michelle Fossum and Steve Boharski.
Dec. 6:  No luncheon meeting. Potluck at Fossum home in the Spokane Valley.  Gifts will be collected for the Holmes Holiday Drive. (See below.)
             Past-District Gov. Bev Reed joined the meeting to sell tickets for her Aurora Northwest Rotary Club’s annual drive to support community programs and services.  The winning grand prize $20 ticket is a $5,000 amount for a luxury vacation or a special dream of his or her own.  Most of the 9 members at the meeting bought tickets, and Bev said she was “amazed by the support.”  
Happy Buck$:
 Dave Hayward, appropriately wearing a sharp crimson and gray jacket, contributed $5 to celebrate the WSU win over Arizona and hope for a Coug win over the Huskies.  Dave also added $5 for a Thanksgiving  trip to South Carolina.
John Mailliard added a dollar when he and his wife had a pleasant holiday trip when a 7-year-old young lady “had a ball” at a Target store.
Holmes Holiday drive underway
 Bluetooth music systems, Fortnite player cards, a big assortment of toys and a wide variety of clothing items are among the presents club members will provide for Christmas at 40 Holmes Elementary’s holiday drive.
 Total items of each tag is $60 per student.  Gifts should be wrapped and clearly labeled on the outside of the items by the alphabetized list of families.  The gifts are due Monday, Dec.  6, at the potluck dinner starting at 5:30 p.m. at     Michelle and Terry Fossum’s house. Michelle said the event will include a wine-tasting with a variety of varietals.
            Those not attending the potluck should contact club President Lenore Romney to make other arrangements.
Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink