North Notes
Spokane North Rotary Club Bulletin
March 27, 2017
     Nancy Hanson will be giving a quarterly report on club progress next week.  She requested all club members to careful consider their potential involvement in serving in clu8b offices for the next fiscal year.
     Program Coordinator, Brad Stark, reviewed several new upcoming programs.  Come and learn and enjoy.
Better Spokane

          Michael Cathcart joined us to share information on the Better Spokane organization where he serves as Executive Director.

          The Better Spokane organization was created in response to the wide ranging and numerous statewide organizations that often support agendas that are anti-business.  Better Spokane serves to further the interests of small businesses in the Spokane county area and concentrates it's efforts enhancing public knowledge of the decisions being made by the Spokane City Council, due to what they view as misplaced priorities held by the council. 

          Better Spokane has four primary goals: 1.  Inform the public, businesses and elected officials on the type of climate needed to help businesses grow, 2.  Improve the role local business owners play in public policy making,  3.  Foster pro-business leaders who will work to make our area competitive for job growth, and 4.  Enable a voice that the business community can use to hold politicians accountable for developing a strong economic region. 

          Better Spokane wants to engage local citizens on pro-business issues and be a source of public advocacy and a promoter of civic engagement.  They also strive to work as a political action committee to recruit and support pro-business candidates to run for public office.  The desire is to drive the city council and other elected offices to focus on growing the businesses in our region and not simply finding areas to "tinker" with that often do not make a positive impact on our community. 

          Better Spokane strives to help the Inland Northwest reach its economic potential and to support a strong pro-business community in our region.

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