North Notes
Spokane-North Rotary Club Bulletin
January 30, 2023
            Feb. 6: Noon meeting at the Bark.  Speaker: TBA.
            Feb. 10 (Friday): Club social at Melinda Keberle’s home for Colin and Kelley Prestesater baby shower which will start at 5:30 p.m.  On tap: pizza and BYOB
            Jerry Logan will be the club’s new scholarship chairman, Club President Melinda Keberle announced. He succeeds Brian Hipperson on the scholarship committee.
            If you have misplaced your Rotary pin, the club now has new pins, including some with magnets, as well as stick pins.  Cost is $7.
Happy Bucks:
            John Mailliard was $6 happy for his new hybrid car.
            Lenore Romney donated $5 to celebrate the trip husband (and fellow member) Bob and she enjoyed in the Galapagos Islands.
            Jerry Logan, visiting Phoenix for an auction, offered $5 for the happy results of a colleague whose battle with cancer took several steps toward full recovery.
            Eric Johnson also celebrated with the good news that an instructor’s cancerous issues showed a clean slate after a biopsy.
             ‘Thank You’ from Holmes
             At the Jan. 30 luncheon, club Treasurer Lenore Romney read a greeting card from Holmes Elementary Principal Kale Colyar and science teacher Sheri Bayley:
                Dear Rotary Club members:
                Thank you so very much for all you do for the kids at our school!
                We appreciate every little bit!  You give so much and have for a long time; words are not enough!
                We just received 110 Mobius Science kits for our 3rd graders and our 5th graders to use in science.
                The 3rd graders are going to love exploring building and learning about instructional engineering with the kits.
                The 5th graders are going to dissect owl pellets and explore and learn much more about apex birds during their food web unit.
                Again, thank you so much for supporting our young learners.
                Sheri Bayley and Kale Colyar
            Lenore added that our club had asked for 100 science kits at $12 apiece. Then it was learned that 110 kits were needed to provide one for each student.  At her request, Mobius graciously dropped the unit price to $10 for each kit to fill the entire need.
Have a meal, adopt a pet
            Despite the single-digit morning weather, after the club’s Jan. 30 luncheon it was “reigning cats and dogs” at the Bark’s pound. 
            No, the four cats in a special Bark pet room did not “bark,” but two of them got lots of petting.
            On the other side of the room’s aisle the dogs in cages named Cyrano, Beaker, Addy and Oliver welcomed the Rotarians with loud greetings.  No shortage of “barks” there.
            Madison Owens, the Bark general manager, said the store works with the Spokane Humane Society to place the canine and feline candidates for adoption.
            Since opening two years ago 1,000 animals have been adopted at the Bark, Madison said.  The restaurant was opened by owner Josh Wade.  He also owns Nectar in Kendall Yards, where our club met until Covid forced closure. 
            “Which animals are place depends on temperament and suitability for high-traffic in a restaurant,” Madison said.
            She said, “The dogs range from puppies to senior dogs looking for their last spot.”
            Among the breeds, she said, labradoodles and “designer dogs” are popular, as are any small breeds, “like purse-size.  Pit bulls, not so much.”
            Bark and the Humane Society work with breeders in Texas and with some neglected animals which need placement, Madison said.  Gabby Thompson, a Humane Society staffer, manages the adoption center at the Bark.
            Nick Dewey was the handler who was helping club members at the luncheon.
            Madison said some $56,000 has been donated by restaurant patrons, spurred on by a dollar-a-drink and Wednesday night food orders.
            And she said restaurant customers “can have their dog in one of the heated igloos” south of the restaurant. 
            Bulletin editors: Chuck Rehberg and Sandy Fink