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The following are projects which Spokane North supports at Holmes:
          School supplies which are purchased at the beginning of the year so that students are able to start off the school year on a positive note. 
          Holmes Heroes and Golden Hero programs are a sources of great pride for the students of Holmes.  In both programs students are selected for the honor by meeting one or more the Character Counts attributes.  These include:  Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. 
          In the Holmes Hero program each classroom student who is selected for meeting one of the six Pillars of Character receives a t-shirt each month at a special luncheon to which their parents are invited.
          The Golden Hero Awards are given three times per year and award a student from each classroom with a book selected by the student to keep and one for the classroom library.  The student needs to show progress in ALL of the Pillars of Character.
          The Principal’s Emergency Fund aka " Slush fund”.    These dollars are used to support the needs of teachers such as classroom materials and students such as clothing needs etc.  throughout the year.